Living in the arena of binary codes sustaining the pain of compilation errors, planning for the better plan execution of the thrilling brain we coders...the coders of the Exe.bit welome you in the new class of public with the comforts of static private class. Welcome to techno-tech world of technology.

Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs. Cultural events promote one's identity and helps to connect with one's roots. Its time to exhibit your skills of drama, dance, music and arts in this amazing extravaganza of cultural events.

Gear up for the most exhilarating section of exe.BIT . Show off your informal side and leave everyone spellbound. The breath taking events of informals will leave you extrolled. Get a little wild the perpetual piercing sensation of your hair-raising events. You will have no other way out except to be electrified.

Welcome to the most sophisticated event of the fest- Literary. Like never before, with 3 new events, we present a totally revolutionized literary group. Get ready to be surprised and gear up to surprise us all with your literary skills.